Sedulous students organized a 2-days conference on the 3rd and 4th of May at the University of Pécs. The 9th János Szentágothai Interdisciplinary Conference is already a tradition, this year the language made it special: it was held in English. The conference was a competition at the same time, where students were competing in four sections with oral presentation or poster.

Besides the students of Pécs, young talents came for Transylvania, Gödöllő and Szeged, all together more than hundred people registered for the event of János Szentágothai Protestant „Szakkollégium”. The conference was organized by students from the „szakkollégium”, and it was held in four sections: medical, marketing, social science and natural science. There were enough helpers as well, the active students helped with taking pictures, registration and placards.

Friday was the day of the scientific presentations, which was opened by Dr. Zoltán Maruzsa Deputy State Secretary for Higher Education, and Dr. László Komlósi Deputy Rector. Acting on the structure of the conference, interesting presentations were held in four fields of science in the Science Building, Prof. Judit Pongrácz from the Medical School, Dr. László Molnár from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Dr. Andrea Schmidt from the Faculty of Humanities, and Dr. János Fojtik from the Faculty of Economics came as invited speaker to the conference.

The competition on Saturday took place in a new spot, the organizers had to change the venue because of technical problems. It did not cause any hitch, evidently everybody were satisfied with the imposing appointments of the Vargha Damján Conference Hall.

All together in the four sections 23 students came with English oral presentations about their own research, furthermore 16 students prepared a poster for the competition in the fields of medical and natural science. The diversity of the topics showed the interdisciplinary feature well, the conference had many topics from the biotechnology through the marketing strategy of the USA and the former Soviet Union, and through the chromatography, till the feminist journalism.

On Saturday, besides the best presenters, special awards were given as well, moreover the professional jury chose the best posters in two scientific fields. The winners received a memorial plaquette, a book and a certificate at the end of the day. Each section had a jury of three people, teachers and professors, who came from different fields of science.

The award for the best presenter in the medical section was given to Dr. Bence Bálint, for the best poster to Tamás Kovács. The winner of the natural science oral presentation was Annamária Sepsey, in poster section Márton Balogh. Special award was given by the jury to Gyula Czégény, Csaba Szmolnik and Zsuzsa Tóth. The competition was very close in the social science section as well, the jury decided to give the first prize to Noémi Nagy. Special award was given to Ibolya Keczer and Réka Pusztai. In the marketing section Beatrix Hideg was awarded as a best presenter.

All in all, according to the organizers the two-days conference turned out a success, the deputy rector and the present teachers, professors also expressed their appreciation to the active students. The English language did not occurred as a problem, the participants could listen high-standard presentations and discussions.

Alexandra Soós