We are a strange mixture of all of Hungarian institutes, natural and legal persons who can support to establish a more talent-freindly Hungary. There are here university professors (Full and honorary), scholastic honorary society, colleges of advanced studies, foundations and unions (e.g. Play-card society with more than two dozens of professors) a colorful microcosmos of supporter organizations.

In the hub of this system is the UP_FS_SSHS….with its complete system.

University teachers, lecturers and administration.

Prof. Dr. Robert GABRIEL

dean of Faculty of Sciences, former rector of the University of Pécs, Full Professor of Department of Neurobiology since 2001, moreover founding father and leading chair of SZJSZK (UP_FS_SSHS) sine its establishment in 2004.

Dr. Zsolt Akos HATVANI

organiser, lawyer, PhD, form_MG_9466Wer head of administration at the Faculty of Sciences, Director of SSHS since 2014, moreover one of the founding fathers of SZJSZK
(UP_FS_SSHS, 2004) leader of Hungarian National Talent Point (2012), and ECHA-member European Talent Point (2016).

Gabor Janos PAULER Dr.

is Associate Professor of Department of Information Technology and Biorobotics since 2011, moreover leading tutor of SZJSZK (UP_FS_SSHS).

His areas of research are ERP SysteGaborPaulerPictureSmallms, Relational Database Design, Using Artificial Intelligence in Data Mining of Retail Chains. He spent several years at Department of Marketing, State University of New York at Buffalo financed by Fulbright Scholarship.

In the SZJSZK (SSHS), first he organized several robot contests based on Lego Mindstorms plaform. Then he launched his very successful advanced SAP TERP10 ERP Systems Studies Course with significant corporate financing by ITSH. During a 2.5 year period 47 students participated, of whom 37% got SAP-related, highly paid job within one year.

In his future plans in SZJSZK (UP_FS_SSHS), he wants to develope „gamification” of the highly profitable, but hard to understand SAP course materials. A Lego-platform based simulation game would help students to understand difficult concepts of ERP Systems and logistics. This way, SZJSZK would join in the trend of well known universities of Western Europe (eg. University of Tubingen), launching same programs.

Dr. Ilona SIMON

is Assistant Professor of Department of Mathematics since 2015, moreover tutor of SZJSZK (UP_FS_SSHS) since its establishment in 2004.

Hon. c. Prof. Dr. Jozsef Laszlo SZENTPETERI

honoris causa university professor at the Faculty of Sciences since 2010, moreover supporter of SZJSZK (UP_FS_SSHS) sine 2008.


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