University of Pécs, Faculty of Sciences (UP_FS)

János Szentágothai Protestant Scholastic Honorary Society (UP_SSHS)

The UP_SSHS was founded in 2004, within the administrative system of University of Pécs, organically joined to Faculty of Sciences. It runs within he education organization of UP to nowadays.


Member of United Colleges of Advanced Studies (CAS) but it has proper status, because of vivid connection with the eponym‘s family, and joined by this way to the international world of sciences and web of researchers.


Commonly declares university lectures and courses with credits, organizes a yearly student competition (as a Talent Day) and an international conference.


Membership data: 53 (2011/12), 69 (2012/13), 61 (2013/14), 67 (2014/15).


The event, when a talented young (from basic school to university) meets a lecturer with scientific degree (LwSD) for an academic hour they name Talent Care Unit (TCU). This provides them an unofficial but peculiar unit to administrate their work, monitor and measure their impact.


Let us see their development in numbers:

2011: 90 occasions, 79 LwSD, 2124 TCUs;

2012: 99 occasions, 212 LwSD, 2644 TCUs;

2013: 110 occasions, 195 LwSD, 2931 TCUs;

2014: 209 occasions, 321 LwSD, 3193 TCUs;

2015: 209 occasions, 185 LwSD, 5355 TCUs.

All the facts you can see above were confirmed via electronic databases or hard copies of sheets of attendance.


First of all as an education unit of University of Pécs we organize free public courses with credits. And keep lectures in and outside of education system of university.


One of our members provides a free math course already at the primary school level, for children between 7 and 12 (Math Talent Growth Foundation).


We regularly help applicants to get admitted to university (My Kid Goes to University Program)


and provide them free student hostel (originally this is what the Scholastic Honorary Society does),


We try to increase their comfort level (On Two Wheels With One Print Bicycle Program).


We founded an own open library for any university student. We operate two Public Areas, one of them is located at the Central Building of UP Faculty of Sciences, while the other one works at the building of the student hostel (here you can find also the library).


Besides, we support students’ (usually M and PhD students) participation at international conferences, and in addition, we organize a yearly multi- and transdisciplinary conferences in English with competition of students talented in sciences, to improve their language and lecturer skills in non-native speakers’ field (home surrounding).


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