All members of our Civilic Group (the Scholastic Honorary Society, the National Talent Point, the European Talent Support Point and the Union) are committed to make a Greener University of Pécs (UP:-)  – sustainable World along with human life within a greener surroundings.

That is why the official label of their last tender for a support of  the National Talent Program: Green UP! (For a Greener University of Pécs) Now we are waiting for the decision of the tender committee with no patience, weather they can see the problem as important as we can.

Let all of our day begin with this commandment, all of our acts be determinate by this expectation and finally all of our thought will be weave through and up and down with it.

I began to write the article above no more than four weeks ago. And the result of  the tender has arrived: we won 2.8 million from the 3,00 (93.33%). To tell the truth we are sure that we can manage the all green program from this tiny amount.